Agapè Amsterdam

Agapè Amsterdam is a local, Dutch-speaking church based in Amsterdam North. It has a medium-sized, multi-generational congregation with a lot of international influence, especially among the young adults.

RLVNT is the young adult and youth ministry of Agapè Amsterdam. As a student you will be heavily involved within this ministry which meets every week in connect groups and a larger service called Friday Night Live. 

Facebook pages: Agapè Amsterdam and RLVNT

city of Amsterdam

During your MCAN year, you will get to live in the historic city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is recommended that you budget €100-€200 per month for your general living, transportation, and phone costs. 

Many students do work part-time, which allows them to support themselves during their time with us. Students are allowed to work 16 hours maximum (if they are from the EU), but must also note that MCAN is their number one priority. 

Amsterdam is a very humid city. It is cold throughout the winter but also can be hot during the summer. The best seasons are usually the spring and autumn. 

Summer temperatures: 17°C - 22°C
Winter temperatures: 1°C - 5°C

Support Family

We appreciate that traveling away from your friends and family can be a difficult thing to do, which is why we work hard to make sure every student has an adequate support system during their time at MCAN. 

One part of this system is the support family that we match with each student. Our students are given a family from the church which acts as their family away from home. Having people who can cook you a good meal, take you out for a movie, and encourage you plays a key role in the success of your training process.

MCAN accommodation

If you do not live locally and are needing accommodation, we have a student house which is a part of the local church building of Agapè Amsterdam. The house is located 15 minutes by bus away from Amsterdam Central station in the north side of the city. 

The house consists of five bedrooms shared between the students. There are two shower rooms, a large living space, a kitchen, and a garden. Everyone living in the MCAN home is accountable for the upkeep and we choose house leaders to be responsible over specific aspects of day-to-day life. 

During the fixed days (Sunday-Wednesday), we provide food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Finances are given every week to the house leaders responsible for groceries and meals are planned through them.