During the MCAN year, there are many opportunities to be a part of something bigger and see first-hand what God is doing through Europe. We get to participate in conferences, missions trips, and different events throughout The Netherlands. However, our main focus in developing leadership skills lies in the strength and structure of our week-to-week program.

In our weekly schedule, we give our students the opportunity to be intentional with their time to focus on what God wants to do in and through them. We believe that ministry is not something you can just study for, but requires a whole life dedicated to the mission of Jesus. To give our students the best understanding of this, we separate our program into two sections which we define as fixed and flex days.

Fixed days - Sunday through Wednesday. Students are developed through classroom based academics, serving within the local church and community, building a devotional life, and learning personal responsibility.

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52 ESV)

We believe it is important that we grow holistically and that every area of our life is impacted. Therefore, we emphasize growth educationally, physically, spiritually, and relationally in each student's life.

Flex days - Thursday through Saturday. We want to champion each student into finding the unique calling placed upon their life through hands-on experience. Students are given the space to develop their leadership skills to create a distinctive personal experience during their time with us.

Every student has a required four hours of internship time, either inside or outside of the local church. Students can choose to use the rest of their time to either expand upon their internship time or to find work.


At MCAN we believe the time we devote to investing in our relationship with Jesus is priority number One. Three mornings a week, we spend time together collectively studying the Bible, worshiping, and praying to grow closer to him.


Students are enrolled in an online-based Bible college, where they receive a formal education with accreditation. The course fees, books, and materials are covered in the student's school fee to MCAN. 

For most students, the bachelor's degree they choose will be completed over two years of MCAN. However, as it is with another organisation, it can be completed outside of MCAN also. 

For students that already have collegiate/university experience, you can transfer those credits and complete the bachelor's degree in a shorter time frame. 

Bachelor's degrees courses: westcoastbible.org/degrees


We have the privilege of having many incredible leaders and pastors come and teach seminars with us throughout the year. They teach on a wide variety of topics that are aimed specifically to the life and growth of our students. Having the opportunity to hear practical and spiritual wisdom from seasoned Christian leaders in an intimate and personal setting has a profound influence upon all of our students.

We have a firm belief that output is just as crucial as input to the development of our leadership skills. It is for this reason that we require every student to partake in an internship that will challenge growth and create opportunities to learn on the go. 

The goal of the internship is to offer hands-on experience in ministry. Our desire is two fold. We know that getting involved provides beneficial experience that grows us in many practical ways. We also believe in the power of influence, so we look to our intern leads to share their wisdom practically and spiritually as these can be the most impactful of lessons learned and remembered.

Every student has a four hour minimum requirement per week for their internship. This can be increased up to two full days (Thursday and Friday) depending on the internship and student. This time is valued and contributes towards graduation requirements. Intern leads will need to sign off on their attendance and evaluate the student’s performance and development.